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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Translators-BLEND talk (TBT)?

If you need to discuss a certain project with our BLEND Support, without involving the client, you can contact us directly via your project page.

TBT board (short for Translators-BLEND talk) is designed specifically for this.

BLEND Support will also sometimes contact you there, and you will receive a notification once anything is posted.

How can I earn more as a translator?

Project availability is largely based on translator performance metrics. These include translation quality, client feedback, project volume, and personal interaction with staff and clients. As long as these performance metrics remain positive, you will receive more and more projects at the best available rate.

Translator rates are in line with industry standards and may be adjusted based on:

  • Translation Quality – the most important factor!
  • “Pick-up” Ratio – how many of the available projects you actually complete.
  • Availability and Responsiveness
  • Status, Time, and Number of completed projects
  • Other parameters
What is an editing project?

For an editing project, a second translator checks the completed translation for accuracy, tone, grammar, punctuation, and noting any translation errors in the Editor Report before a revised file is send to the client. They’re called as PostTranslationProofreadingProject projects in your Open projects page:


You’ll see the project brief (notes), original source, and translated target files. The editor checks the translation against the source and corrects all mistakes, considering the instructions in the Project Brief.

Copy/ paste any lines of text containing an error into the Editor Report on the project page. This step is required and helps BLEND determine the quality of the initial translation.
Once all errors are fixed and the Editor Report finish, upload the final, revised target file to the project page and sign the project.

As an editor, you are responsible for providing the final translation to the client.

What is a proofreading project?

A proofreading project is a review of an existing translation to fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues, and inconsistencies. The proofreader does not refer to the original source text to check for translation accuracy.  

What are priority points?

You collect priority points as you complete projects and those points influence your translator rank.

The higher your translator rank, the more projects you get access to.

Priority points are earned by:

  • Completing editing projects – you receive points worth 50% of the project’s word count.
  • Completing bonus projects – you receive points worth 10% of the project’s word count.
  • Completing QA review projects – you receive 5 base priority points + more points for each error you report (up to 10 errors).

As you qualify for these projects, they will appear in their respective sections in the Open Projects tab.

When you accept a project for which you had priority in the allocation, a certain amount of priority points will be reduced from your profile. 


Translators forum

Our BLENDers’ forum is open for all of our professional linguists to share ideas, methods, helpful advice, and great solutions.
We encourage you to enter and share your translation and localization knowledge with others.

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Benefits of working for BLEND:

  • Flexibility
    Work from wherever you want, wherever you want. Translators can select from a variety of types of projects, can take on as much or as little work as they want, and of course, work remotely from anywhere in the world!
  • Internal growth
    Translation ratings, statistics, and reviews help boost BLEND translators’ profiles and improve their work. This promotes upward growth at BLEND and leads to additional project opportunities with us.
  • Seamless translation workflow & support
    Finding and completing translation jobs is a breeze using the online portal, and translators always get paid for quality work, without needing to wait for the client to pay BLEND first.
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